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Hello my name is Brent and my wife is Valerie.  We live in Georgia. We like to camp and enjoy spending time with friends and family. We have a dog and two cats as our children.  I love to cook and experiment while cooking. I like to cook just about anything. I had my first garden this year which did good. I got some potatos, Jalapenos, Cucumbers, Squash, and other stuff out of it this year. I plan on having a bigger one next yeah with more stuff to grow. I like HOT food my wife doesn’t but she is learning as the years go on. One way or another she will come around. I like to have fun with food and will try to cook anything at least once unless i like it – then i will cook it more often till i get sick of it.

We like to spend time with our friends and family. We went camping with our friends the first of this year and about froze our butts off.  All in all we did have fun. It was April, I think, and it had started sleeting the day before. We also went on a canoe trip on Sat during our camping trip. We packed a lunch to take with us and we took our dogs also. Everyone had a good time – well I think everyone did (Allie and Joel tipped their boat over and the water was really cold). Needless to say they were carrying the cooler with our food in it, but Joel was quick and jumped to grab the cooler and saved all the food. So besides falling in, the rest of the day went better and turned out to be a nice day and a nice camping weekend.

My wife is the best thing that happened to me in my life.  Since knowing her I think I have grown so much, in growing up and in growing closer to God. I first met my wife back in 94/95 and we had dated for almost a year. I had one of my stupid spells and moved to FL and she was still in SC so the dating long distant didn’t work that great. I decided to move to Washington State and so I broke it off since there was no way that we could date that far apart. I lived in WA for a couple years then moved to Idaho and lived there about two more years. I then decided to move back to FL with my parents help. I will never take a greyhound bus across the country again!  After moving back to FL and being there a few months, I decided to call up my old girlfriend (wife now) from SC and luckily I got her answering machine and yes I hung up right away. But then I got brave enough to call back and left a message that went something like this – uummm this is Brent don’t know if you remember me but…  Anyway, I left my message.  After a few days, low and behold, she called me back.  She was heading to FL to meet up with friends and I was like “I would like to meet up with you and catch up on old times.”  Well she did agree to meet up with me, of course I did have to drive across FL to see her, which I did right after a Christmas party for my work.  I was still in my work cloths and drove the company truck (with permission). We went out for coffee and talked for a bit then we decided to meet up again in a couple days on her way home. So after not talking for about 10 years, we started dating again with a 10-12 hour drive between us. We went from dating and seeing each other every 4 to 6 weeks to me getting her a job working with me 24/7 for a year. We have been married for 4.5 years now and we havent killed each other as of yet.


3 Responses to About US

  1. dennis says:

    this is fun i will try to follow you here and see what exciting things you two have done

  2. dennis says:

    well I came and saw not much here hope more will follow. This is interesting to follow remember the first day we met

  3. Allie says:

    And when you picked Val up at my house, my daughter who was about 12 sang you a little song. I believe it went something like, “Val and Brent sitting in a tree….” She also asked you if you guys were gonna get married! Hahaha

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