Sept 15 thru 17 hiking trip

I went on a hiking trip with my buddy Joel in the Tenn mountain’s Savage Gulf. We left on Tue and didnt get there till late. We started out hiking to our first camp site which was about 2 and half miles in. We had to go through an area called Boulder Pass and yes some of those boulders was BOULDERS. Not to mention it got dark on us just before we got to boulder pass so we was hiking in the dark with flashlights through this area. Needless to say we made it and setup our ponchos to sleep under. We ate MRE’s (Meal Ready To Eat) which wasnt to bad. Oh yes and it rained on us pretty much the whole trip. Sleeping under the stars in the rain under a poncho makes you count your blessing’s  to have a roof over your head and a toilet and shower. Ok back to the story. On the second day we awoke and we had a 7 mile hike to the next camp site. Again in the rain we headed up and down and all around the mountain, Stopping to take in some of the views. We had a good day not to mention the rain and my bad knee’s hurting like hell. We made it to the second camp site  and setup our ponchos and ate. We had a fire started till it started raining again. We had dug a small trench around our sleeping area hoping we would not wake up in water. Got up next day almost in water. packed up and had breakfast and not so good coffee. We then headed out on our last 4.5 mile hike which took us by some nice waterfalls and swinging bridge and man-made bridge made from scaffold and wire and rope. We saw a lot of great stuff and nice views out there.  We even saw trees growing out of cracks on the edge of cliffs which was pretty cool.

We finally made it out and back to the truck for our victory cigar’s. I would recommend everyone do this at least once in their life. I cant wait to do it again one of these days. Hope we can take our wives on maybe a shorter trip although we may have to find a cabin to hike to so the women can sleep under a real roof. Stay tuned for updates later..


One Response to Sept 15 thru 17 hiking trip

  1. Susan says:

    Cool! I LOVE to sleep under the stars and have done so many times; usually drunk, alas!, but not always. These are the best of times, when we can learn to appreciate the simple things once again.

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