Bought a live animal trap.  I’m trying to catch 3 groundhogs that keep getting into my garden. They have eaten the tops off my Cucumber plants and others. So i got this trap set and put it near the entrance of their hole. About 8pm My wife was in the laundry roof folding cloths and she just looked out the window and saw a stupid Raccoon near the cage. This is the first Raccoon we have seen here since we moved in 3 years ago. So anyway the raccoon was reaching in the cage to get the food out then he finally went into the cage and BAM got the stupid thing trapped. OK so i didn’t know what to do with it at this point. I called the animal control and he was off for the weekend so they told me to call the cops, Which I did and they sent 2 cops out to make sure the raccoon wasn’t rabid. I was hoping the cops would just shoot the stupid thing, But oh well. My wife and I took it about 5 to 10 miles down the road and let it go.  Of course it was a big ordeal because i had to figure out how to open the cage and let him out without letting turn around and try to get me. I tied a string to part of the door to hold down the lock so when i pulled the string it would keep it unlocked and lift the door while i stood far enough away from the cage. Kinda reminds me of Caddy shack. hahaha

OK I am trying to catch the 3 groundhogs next. I just hope they will come out and play.  I have had the cage out there for a day and a half now, I haven’t seen the groundhogs yet. If i can get rid of them then maybe i can get more of my garden going without them eating it away. OK more to come later. catch ya later.


One Response to Raccoon

  1. dennis says:

    may be you could set up a ground hog free spot and they will leave the rest of the garden alone. just a thought and did you not realize 5 miles is not very far do not be suprised if he finds his way back

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