2011 Summer Garden

Well i finally started my garden. I think we have it laid out a little better and hope to have a much bigger crop.  I will keep pictures updated and we’ll see how it goes.

This patch we have 2 rows of Potatoes, 2 rows of Corn w/Beans, 1 Row of Okra, 1 Row of Squash, 1 row of Beans,  I also got 2 Jalapeno plants and 1 Chocolate Habanero  plant. All we need now is our Cucumbers, and this patch will be all done.

This patch I have a couple Potatoes at the far end that came up from last year and I got 7 different kinds of peppers and some Garlic, I will have 6 Tomato plants on the other side of the house.

I plan on canning lots of Tomatoes and other things this year so we have stuff eat all year around. I also got to make more Hot Pepper jelly since I’m about out.

I will keep everyone posted with pictures.


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